Give Your Mom’s Face a South Korean Vacation

I’ve been a makeup maven since 12, back when I discovered that red lipstick made my beady little blue eyes pop. Over the years, I’ve witnessed every trend, studied thousands of labels, tried everything, and given away more product than you’ll ever buy. It’s … Continue reading

This is What Rock Bottom Looks Like

Hiya kiddies, it’s meeeee Captain Cribsy your BFF(best FIEND forever!) Hope you’ve all recovered from the 10 pounds of Halloween candy you scarfed down. Be it by stealing from sleeping children, or denying the neighbor kids treats, your ill-gotten booty is … Continue reading

We Tried It: Rebooted SURGE Soda

Last week, I wrote all about Coca-Cola finally caving to nostalgic internet demand and reviving the product SURGE soda. If you haven’t done the required reading, I’ll wait: do so now.  I promised you, fateful readers, that the moment my precious … Continue reading

We Tried It: Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza

Lover Fo’ Life is home from his business trip abroad and is safely back in the states. While away, he informed me that Dominos Scotland had a knock-off of Pizza Hut’s infamous Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza. The very one … Continue reading

We Tried It: Draft Beer Jelly Beans

Last Week, the Jelly Belly announced a new flavor just in time for the stupor bowl, DRAFT BEER FLAVORED BEANS. It’s pretty fitting when you think about it, because “jelly belly” is exactly what drinking too much draft beer gives … Continue reading