Out Of Africa Part 8: Margaret and Ayub

“Good morning to my white mother.” “Good morning to my half-black daughter!” Already awakened by the siren call of a full bladder, I did a double take. Looking up from the bunk I saw Gina, a pint sized mom, and … Continue reading

The Shopkins Baroness Speaks: The Day The Plastic Cried

Greetings from the frontlines, If I were a wide-eyed “doughboy” fighting it out in WWI circa 1914, I’d say we were, “in the trenches.” As I write this letter to you, my dearest and most beloved reader, I’m fighting a war. … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (AKA Christmas For Drunks)

Top O’ the mornin’ to ya beloved readers! Today is St. Paddy’s day, and while I couldn’t give 2 sh*ts about the color green, I’m aware that several of you sluts are going to get royally hammered today, so I … Continue reading

More Honest Slogans

What if companies were more truthful about their products, and advertisers said what we REALLY were thinking? Clif Dickens, in addition to having a name built for smut, is also a brilliant graphic designer that I’ve written about before. Because … Continue reading

SMUGGLIN’ PLUMS: Euro Mankini Makes The Speedo Look Demure

We’re in the midst of BEACH SEASON, y’all! Knockouts in swimsuits abound. Be it in a one or two piece, string bikini or hot pants, Summer treats the eyes to plenty of glamorous gals in barely there beachwear. But what about the menfolk? Sadly, the … Continue reading

Megalodon One Step Closer To Being Found

Several years ago, I created this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website as a way to escape the postpartum doldrums dealing with an Angry Baby. Eventually, my kid calmed the Hell down, and grouchymuffin began to delve into other topics … Continue reading

Butterfly In The Sky, We Made LeVar Burton Cry

Yesterday national treasure and icon of my childhood, LeVar Burton, started a Kickstarter campaign to relaunch the classic TV show Reading Rainbow. This time around, Burton will be distributing by sharing Reading Rainbow’s extensive video library digitally with classrooms around … Continue reading

Reimagined Childhood Characters Will Chill You to The Bone

Artist Dan Luvisi decided to take beloved childhood famous friends and revisit them as antagonists. The result is various muppets and cartoons embracing the sleazy side of humanity. WARNING: You can’t unsee the following! First Up, It’s Mickey Mouse tweaking out. … Continue reading