Free Donut = Tip o’ the Stetson!

I’m sorry my dear readers, I’m about to BRAG about something that not all of you have access to, SHIPLEY DONUTS!  Are there better donuts out there? I’m sure. But these are MY favorite and have been since I … Continue reading

It’s time for another: Tip o’ The Stetson!!!

It’s almost been a whole month of goodness (!) time flies when you’re having FUN!!!! I thought I would take this lovely afternoon to throw a quick shout out to Angry Baby’s Pops, my L4L. You know who you … Continue reading

It’s My Little Sister’s BIRTHDAY Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Woo Hoo! My baby sister is turning…well…she’s younger than ME today! Today is Angry Baby’s Auntie Brat’s birthday!!!! Auntie Brat!? Crib Keeper, that’s childish of you! HAY! As my dear friend SotB’s Facebook status said yesterday: “I enjoy my job as … Continue reading


Hear that!? It’s HQ CELEBRATING! What are we celebrating on this AWESOME Friday the 13th!? HIT 2000 hits this morning! Just 4 days after we hit our first 1k! What can I say but: WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!  I … Continue reading