The Oakridge Boys Saved The President’s Life

Many of you might recall the sads-inducing news earlier this week that Former President George Bush Sr. was in intensive care after a month-long hospitalization. In a holiday miracle, politics were set aside and the country rallied around the president with prayer and warm … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Texas!

The Republic of Texas was born today 176 years ago, and we’re celebrating at grouchymuffin headquarters! For everyone outside of Texas, March 2, 1836 is the day we declared our independence from Mexico with the Texas Declaration of Independence. As … Continue reading

I hope you didn’t eat breakfast.

Happy HUMP day my beautiful babies! Boy, do I have a humdinger of a non-bombshell for y’all! Justin Bieber has been named in a BABYDADDY lawsuit! Seems 20 year old Mariah Yeater has filed a lawsuit forcing the singing chipmunk teen phenom … Continue reading

This dude feels me. (Not what it sounds like!)

Monday, I hate you more than National Treasure 2, the Seinfeld finale and head lice. What I’m really sayin’ is:  You nasty, Monday. Thank goodness there’s someone who hates their job as much as the rest of us. Meet Tim Ryan. Tim Ryan, as you … Continue reading

The World Has Lost a True Hero

Folks, get out your finest bag of Doritos, paw through the entire dang thing, procure the cheesiest (aka most orange) Dorito you can find and raise it high to the sky for Archer West, the genius inventor of AMERICA’S GREATEST GIFT, the Dorito. In … Continue reading

Angry Baby’s First Word

2 weeks ago, Angry Baby started repeating the sound “ma” and “da” in unintelligible rambling strings of vocalization:  “mamamamamamamamamamamamamama” and “dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada.” Lover fo’ Life and I were excited she could make the sounds, but we had no delusions, she didn’t have … Continue reading

You don’t have bigger chops than this HOSS!

Friday, a new heroine was birthed. This woman is someone we all need to take a knee and learn a lesson from . Meet Ani Haas. Ani Haas is a former member of the American Ski team and an avid outdoorsman. Being … Continue reading