Justin Bieber = Hero (Alternate title: This Is How We Do It)

  Well kiddies, make a note of the date and mark it as a red letter day on your calendars, because as you can already surmise by my click-bait title, JUSTIN BIEBER HAS FINALLY DONE THE WORLD A SOLID! This past … Continue reading

Pug Pup Reenacting Home Alone is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Home Alone is one of the greatest Holiday Films of the 1990’s (The Muppet Christmas Carol is #1, just in case you were keeping score.) Chances are you’ve seen it, loved it, and re-watched it a gagillion times. There’s just something … Continue reading

Homeless Veteran Treated Like a King (If This Doesn’t Melt Your Heart, You Don’t Have One)

Degage Ministries in Grand Rapids Michigan, is a non-profit that helps the homeless and people in need. Back in September, they teamed up with filmmaker Rob Bliss to document a makeover Degage’s crew performed on a homeless Army Veteran, Jim … Continue reading

Ron Burgundy to Get His Own Ben & Jerry’s Flavor (Alternate Title: Knights of Columbus!)

This Christmas, Anchorman 2 premieres and while we’ve been gifted with trailers, teasers and Dodge Durango commercials, I’m HUNGRY FOR MORE RON BURGUNDY! As if an answer to my polyester prayers and rich mahogany dreams , Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream announced … Continue reading

Best Thing You’ll See All Day: ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Sung by 19 Different Divas

Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” is musical catnip. The lonely piano in the beginning is all it takes. I hear it, and all else in this world ceases until I’ve enjoyed at least one chorus. It’s also physically impossible for me to … Continue reading

Baby Sloth Eating Breakfast Will Make You Forget Your Miserable Existence

You know the crappiest thing about the end of a glorious holiday weekend? RIGHT NOW. Mondays after an extended break are THE WORST! This particular Monday decided to enter my life with no lube bright and early when the battery in my earth … Continue reading

Universal Orlando To Open a Simpsons Land This Summer (Suck it Harry Potter!)

If you’ve never experienced the brutal death march that is Orlando Florida in the summer. You’re missing out on lots of sweat, humidity and bickering with your loved ones. A little while back, I visited Walt Disney World in August and after years of … Continue reading

The New Trailer for Anchorman 2 is Out (LOLZ Abound)

In 2004 the classic Will Ferrell comedy, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, was released and the world was gifted with limitless re-quoting material. Not since the first Austin Powers movie was there a film so filled with quotable hilarity. … Continue reading

Watch Justin Timberlake Do 5 Shots in 10 Minutes (Celebrities are Just Like Us!)

I see you there, sleep deprived and salty from the drunk sweats, your bleary eyes are blankly staring into the black abyss of the work week. Like you, I’m wishing right about now that I had a magical time-stopping watch. Stupid Monday. … Continue reading

Willie Nelson’s Portrait on Toast is the Coolest Thing SXSW Has Ever Done

Whole Paycheck, er…Whole Foods is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Coincidentally, Austin is currently home to the South By Southwest Music and Film Festival. AKA The biggest reason to avoid traveling to Austin this time of year. Every March, Austin gets a … Continue reading