More Plot Twists Than Dynasty

Shimmy into your finest evening gown, or put on a Botany 500 Suit and meet me on the terrace for elaborately choreographed cat brawls and classy slapfights. I’m back with some juicy new developments that are sure to spawn hours of content and … Continue reading


Look, I know I was supposed to hook you skanks up with the latest dispatch from my empire forged from plastic and little girl squeals of hapiness, but we’ve got some serious sh*t to discuss this morning. You’ll just hafta wait … Continue reading

OH MY GOURD: Pumpkin Fest Ends In Pummeling

Yesterday in the early hours of the morning, a small town’s treasured tradition erupted into a riot. Residents of Concord, New Hampshire and students from Keene State College were enjoying 2014  Pumpkin Fest, a yearly pumpkin carving Bacchanalia filled with pumpkiny delights, … Continue reading

Yearbook Laffs From the Class of 2014

The internet has successfully shamed and murdered many outdated media. Phone books, card catalogues, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers, chances are, in a few years all will be resting in pieces littered along the information superhighway. And while I’m not sad … Continue reading

Artist Depicts 90’s Cartoon Characters On Drugs

The Nineties are back. From television and movies, to fashion that looks like an old episode of MTV’s House of Style puked on a County Seat, everything nineties is cool again. I saw a BODYSUIT on a mannequin last weekend, … Continue reading

Dad Illustrates Things He Yells At His Kids, The Result is Hilarious

Nathan Ripperger is an artist, graphic designer, video producer, and the father of FOUR BOYS. As one would imagine, his life is filled with chaos and hi-jinx. Rather than take the slow descent into insanity, Nathan transforms his sons’ shenanigans … Continue reading

Leggings + Men = Meggings (Alternate Title: Kill it With Fire)

For a few years now, skin-tight leggings and Jeggings, designed to look like jeans and other “real pants,” have tortured stores and our collective eyeballs by existing. I’m sure tons of butt staring sluts have enjoyed the revealing silhouettes that … Continue reading


Being a parent has introduced me to a wealth of things that I had no idea existed before having a kid. At first, it was weird baby gear with names like: Boppy, Bumbo and Nosefrida. FYI: just incase your nightmares … Continue reading

Pug Pup Reenacting Home Alone is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Home Alone is one of the greatest Holiday Films of the 1990’s (The Muppet Christmas Carol is #1, just in case you were keeping score.) Chances are you’ve seen it, loved it, and re-watched it a gagillion times. There’s just something … Continue reading

Toy Rave: Goldie Blox

Yesterday, I set the internets on fire with my hate-filled diatribe against Crayola’s Color Wonder Fingerpaints. I figured today I would talk about a GREAT toy, since that wheezy old queen Santa Claus just loves to keep score this time … Continue reading