16 Smart Alec Vandals Who Improved Signs

Greetings my time-wasting, responsibilty-shirking, darlings! When we last met, I began to regale my tales of being a stone-cold toy-flipping jaugernaut. I am the Shopkins Barroness, my kingdom stretches all over the globe. While I’ve been too busy on my “shop … Continue reading

Is it the Willenium Yet?

Well kids, we made it. Somehow we’ve managed to sluggishly pull our hungover haunches across yet another home plate of a year and shame eat stale Christmas candy in the pantry, er, dugout of life. Whatever, you know I’m crap with the sports … Continue reading

Disney Princesses With Buscemi Eyes

A few years ago, the internet fell hard for Chicks With Buscemi Eyes, a sensation that involved photoshopping actor Steve Buscemi’s eyes onto pics of chicks. In a bout of 2011 nostalgia, the internet has decided to revisit the former … Continue reading

13 Valentine’s Day Fails That Will Warm Your Shriveled Heart

The internet is a beautiful thing. One minute it’s connecting humanity, sharing ideas from the world over, and the next moment it’s giving us hilarious crotch shots. One thing I really HATE about the internet (other than LOUD and embarrassing … Continue reading

Google Searching for the Truth

Google search knows everything about you, and can read into your heart’s desires. It never fails, the moment I begin typing a query into the search bar, Google’s intuitive software almost ALWAYS finishes my typing for me. “Is B…” Is … Continue reading

Hail To The Chief Time Waster

The job President of the United States is a high-stress and mentally taxing position. It always surprises me that so many people have aspirations to occupy the office, because it’s such a pain in the ass to be Commander in … Continue reading

60-Year-Old-Girl Meme is the Newest and Greatest of ALL TIME

Monday night redditor, Beerdrummer, posted an old elementary school photo of his wife with the caption: “My wife looked like a 60 year old woman as a child.” Because the internets can be magic and hilarious when they want to be, … Continue reading

Happy Friday: Let’s Get Bombed

There are few things in this world more unintentionally hilarious than a photo bomb. When done right, unsuspecting photography subjects are treated to priceless moments, frozen in time. Earlier this week, a man-made internet glory by awkwardly photo bombing a marriage proposal at … Continue reading

Veggie Ice Cream Truck is the Greatest Prank of the Summer

Oh beautiful for spacious thighs…America’s large and in charge, y’all! They can take our freedoms but don’t you dare try to take our ice cream novelties. What would happen if an ice cream truck man decided to substitute the good sh*t (veggies and fruits) in place … Continue reading