Get Your Lick On (Not What it Sounds Like!)

78% of my life is based on the wisdom learned while repeatedly watching the classic 1971 film, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” If you’re a superfan like me, you’ve most likely wished for specific confections to become a reality. Some of … Continue reading

Hug A Machine, Get Free Coke (The Jokes Write Themselves)

You’ll have to forgive me for my late post today, I was out saving the world. Well, maybe that’s a little overkill. The best part about being a writer is I work from home. Not only do I get to … Continue reading

One Small Non-Stand For Man, One Giant Leap For Lazykind

The Future is NOW! Cue the silver space suits and hoverboards, because we’re thisclose to living the FUTURISTIC LIFE of the FUTURE! Each day, science and technology are marching closer to the glorious time when our lives will resemble that of … Continue reading

Seize the Death

Death waits for you, and that’s final. How’s that for an opening line, pretty bleak, huh? I never really considered or cared about my mortality until Angry Baby came into the picture. Yeah, I knew Death and Taxes were certain, … Continue reading

White Castle is Selling Booze.(Jokes write themselves.)

Christmas came early for the world,  the culinary pantheon of class and distinction, White Castle, is considering selling booze with their burgers. Matter of fact they are testing it out in a little town called Lafayette, Indiana. White Castle is looking to … Continue reading

The FDA wants YOU to get wasted.

Ahhhhh Thursday Evening! AKA “FRIDAY EVE!” For me and many others, Thursdays will always be fondly recalled as the night we went out partying /drinking in college (on a weekly basis.) Inevitably, each night of “overindulging” ended the same way: … Continue reading

Extreme Stream

Happy TUES-THE-EXTREME Day errbody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the day of the week you and I make a concerted effort to live life in the EXTREME! Be it wearing a bikini in the freezing cold, eating a 5 pound burrito all by yourself … Continue reading

Things that exist: THE HOVERBOARD (It’s about flipping time!)

Great Scott! The future is NOW! Once upon a time, the greatest time-travel related trilogy was released. Back to the Future followed the shenanigans of Doc Brown and Marty McFly fixing destiny one wormhole at a time. Real talk: the first one is … Continue reading

Oh snap, Einstein got served.

You gotta hand it to those fools geniuses over at CERN. The Geneva based LARGEST PHYSICS LAB IN THE WORLD, has released some news that is no doubt bumming Einstein’s ghost out. The European Nuclear physicists clocked a neutrino going FASTER … Continue reading