Magic Band of Idiots

To my friends, family, fellow Disney nuts, and casual spectators, I assure you I had a good time on this vacation, I’ll eventually get around to writing the good memories, but I’m still in my RAGE CAGE, so…you’ll just have … Continue reading

Old Timey Tinder: Completely Suitable For Work

As often people do, I have a hoarded up treasure-trove of great memories from holiday season 2015. One of my favorites, I’m not really at liberty to discuss, but I’ll give you nosey tramps a vague idea. Let’s just say … Continue reading

The Girl Scout Cookie Finder Phone App (Because, America)

  Happy Girl Scout Cookie Season, y’all! Are you a fan of the overpriced (but for a good cause) confections peddled by little ladies in green vests? If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of those classic cookies, from … Continue reading

Happy New Year, You Filthy Trollups!

    This is YOUR year. All of the others were warm ups for 2014, the year YOU absolutely KILL IT. How will you knock it out of the park this time around? Follow these simple steps: Make it happen. Whatever … Continue reading

Happy 40th Birthday, Cell Phone!

Forty years ago, Motorola Lead Engineer, Dr. Martin Cooper perfected his invention and made the first successful cellular telephone call. Using the prototype for the DynaTAC, Cooper called the head of development for Bell Systems, Motorola’s main competitor at the time.That was April … Continue reading

Science Delivers A (Much-Needed) Uplifting Story

  The last time I sat down to post something on our clap-trap hobo parlor of a time-wasting website, 20 children in Connecticut were very much alive and looking forward to the holiday treats that Santa Claus had in store for … Continue reading

The Wine Purse (Alternate Title: LUG-A-Chug!)

  Don’t you just hate that you can’t take a big jug of hooch into the places you need it most? Nursing homes, parent/teacher conferences, committee meetings, hospitals, Wal-Mart and kid recitals all frown upon sippin’ the good stuff while on their premises. Up until now, loveable … Continue reading

Always Forget

Behold! the most depressing/fascinating infographic ever… xkcd has really brought home the mind f*ck with this little ditty he doodled up. It’s notable/stupid events projected to when the majority of Americans will be too young to remember said event, it’s simply titled: “Forget.” To quote little Sigmund … Continue reading

This Should End Well…

Clive Palmer is a nutjob, but he’s a paid nutjob. Mr. Palmer is worth billions. In addition to being the world’s sexiest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon, you may remember Clive from the news earlier this year when he announced that he’s currently building … Continue reading

Another Score For Science (Goodbye Clingy Ketchup)

Since 1861, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aka MIT,  has been a haven for some of the finest scientific minds in the world. One would imagine the hallowed laboratories of a university that gave us people like Buzz Aldrin and Kofi Annan would … Continue reading