It’s My Birthday and I’ll Post if I want to…

Today is my birthday. Lover fo’ Life took the day off to celebrate, so this morning I had the rare and incredible luxury of sleeping in. I have a hair appointment at 10am, a pedicure and manicure scheduled at 3:30, then we drop Angry … Continue reading

Neil Diamond= Happy Independence Day, AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday AMERICA, OUR Country, tis of thee!!!  I’ve got a bevy of yuk-yuks comin’ attcha today, but I thought I would get the party started with a little NEIL DIAMOND! I love Neil, always have always will, who was the 3 … Continue reading

Morning’s almost over, and YOU haven’t partied enuff…

    Man-o-man what a difference a good night’s sleep makes. I feel fit as a fiddle, good as new and on toppa the world. Of course, it’s a thin veneer of energy that is wearing away by the moment. You … Continue reading

Happy One Month Anniversary, you Beautiful Babies!

  Today is PARTY DOWN day at! Why? It’s our ONE MONTH Anniversary! That’s right, it’s already been a whole month of timewasting foolery comic gems of entertainment! So put your RIUNITE on ice for later, NOT NOW, you boozehound! Get … Continue reading

UPDATE! Teef Terror 2011: The lion sleeps to bite.

Angry baby is sleeping. Shhhhhh! We’ll wake her. I’ve lowered my body temperature,  heart-rate and breathing to make as little waves as possible. You know how sharks are!! They have amazing sense of electronic fields, impulses and changes in temperature gradient thanks … Continue reading

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!!!!

Today, whatever you’re doing STOP and take time to THANK A VET, Soldier, or family member of a Soldier. Freedom isn’t free, and because of them we are able to say what we want and live how we please. So while … Continue reading

WE DID IT DWEEBS! We made it to the weekend!

Grab your Magic the gathering cards, get your Broadswords ready, pack your fanny pack and start moonwalking out the door! It’s the weekend y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (unless for you it’s not) A 3 DAY WEEKEND AT THAT!!!! (unless for you it’s not) So Let’s … Continue reading