Rest In Peace, Ultimate Warrior

James Hellwig, better known as professional wrestling icon, the Ultimate Warrior, has died at the (much too young) age of 54. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters. In a bittersweet twist, Warrior was inducted into the Wrestling Hall … Continue reading

Adventure Time Inspired Artwork is Positively Mathematical

Los Angeles Pop Culture purveyors, Gallery 1988, are at it again. The champions of art are currently showcasing masterpieces inspired by Pendleton Ward’s genius series, Adventure Time.  If you aren’t watching Adventure Time, please consider falling down the candy-colored acid … Continue reading

Conan Becomes a Texas Deputy, Hilarity Hits Illegal Levels

All week Conan O’Brien has been broadcasting his show from Dallas. The pasty folk hero has been enjoying our fair state, this week he’s taken a “Texas Citizenship Test” from Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, and become a Mary Kay Consultant … Continue reading

The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Tonight, Tonight!

Greetings distinguished members of the internet’s first society devoted to proving that Justin Timberlake is worthy of our love and adoration, it’s been ages since we last met, so let’s get right to it (velvet blazers with accompanying lacy cravats … Continue reading

Programing Note: Happy Trails, You Jive Turkeys!

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we’re hitting the road to my favorite place in the world, The Liberty Longhorn Ranch AKA the family’s slice of heaven right outside of Stephenville, TX.Each year we gather at Thanksgiving and spend days … Continue reading

You Stay Classy: Weatherman Mistakes Cat Vomit for Grape Nuts, Eats it on Live Television

Hartford, Connecticut based local news weatherman Scot Haney, boldly went where no cheery morning weather guy has ever gone before: he ate cat puke on live television, yesterday (accidentally, of course.) Mr. Haney picked up off the floor what he thought were some rogue … Continue reading

No, These Dia De Los Muertos Altars Devoted to Breaking Bad Characters, Aren’t Creepy

By now, all you lazy sluts have had PLENTY of time to finish the Breaking Bad final episode, “Felina.” If you’re behind, that’s your own damn fault and you can just keep reading or cut out now to avoid any spoilers. … Continue reading

Here’s some Incredible Breaking Bad Fan Art, B*tch.

    Sunday, Breaking Bad, the greatest drama in the history of Television concludes. If you haven’t watched the show, please do yourself a favor and watch the first 3 episodes of the series on Netflix. If the show is for … Continue reading

I’ve Never Been Happier to be OLD: The 2013 VMAs in a Nutshell

True story, I had planned to get lit up like a Christmas tree and hate-watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Matter of fact, I skipped sneaking my flask into a movie theatre on Saturday afternoon because I was saving … Continue reading

Happy Shark Week! (It’s Like Christmas, Hanukkah and Arbor Day For Our People)

Happy Shark Week, you ol’ salty sluts. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I for one can’t wait for the Discovery Channel to trot out the old same shark shows, and reward us with some NEW SHARK-RELATED … Continue reading