Teef Terror 2011: Chompin’ at the bit. AKA: What’s up Doc?

Howdy Buckaroos! I’m taking this traveling freakshow on the road. It’s check-up day at Casa de Angry Baby! YAY YAWL!!!! <—– Sarcastic. Angry Baby goes to an AWESOME Doc. The Blue Fish Pediatric group, is located in Memorial, actually right … Continue reading

Teef Terror 2011: Good to the last BITE.

Between the teething and her COLD that popped out of nowhere(!) yesterday, Angry Baby was a real turd sandwich. Sleep deprivation claimed L4L and I at about 8:30pm. The GREAT news is: Queen La-Teef-a slept from 8:30-12:30am I gave her a bottle (note: … Continue reading

UPDATE! Teef Terror 2011: The lion sleeps to bite.

Angry baby is sleeping. Shhhhhh! We’ll wake her. I’ve lowered my body temperature,  heart-rate and breathing to make as little waves as possible. You know how sharks are!! They have amazing sense of electronic fields, impulses and changes in temperature gradient thanks … Continue reading