Paperback to the Future

If you’re like me, vast swaths of your childhood were devoted to voracious reading. Maybe it’s because the internet was more Computer Science than the misinformation super highway it is today, or perhaps our parents were simply book-pushing jerks. Regardless, books were choice … Continue reading

GREATEST NEWS EVER: Megalodon Movie Production Brought Back From Extinction

Almost 20 years ago, the world was introduced to the most glorious literary sea creature since size Queen Captain Ahab chased Dick (get your mind out of the gutter!) The monster that rose from the deep was none other than … Continue reading

Children’s Books Brought To You By The Letters W, T, and F

Having a kid means your life is forever changed by a little miracle that insists on puking/sh*ting on everything you once held dear.   The lack of self-respect and demeaning things you’ll do for your precious is astonishing. After the initial shock … Continue reading

Put a (Troubled) Bird On It

  Artist Matt Adrian calls himself the Mincing Mockingbird, and he does beautiful portraits of birds. Mr. Mockingbird decided to do a field guide filled with his work, The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds.  Here’s a snippet from the publisher: Throughout … Continue reading

Yearbook Laffs From the Class of 2014

The internet has successfully shamed and murdered many outdated media. Phone books, card catalogues, encyclopedias, magazines and newspapers, chances are, in a few years all will be resting in pieces littered along the information superhighway. And while I’m not sad … Continue reading

Bleak Movies Coloring Book For Kids (Alternate Title: My Heart Will Crayon)

When he’s not making excellent TRUE DETECTIVE fan art, Todd Spence is a writer/editor for This week, the pop-culture artist digitally released a parody coloring book for kids, but this fake-coloring book doesn’t just stay in the lines, it … Continue reading

Things That Now Exist: The Sock Monkey Kama Sutra

Thousands of years ago, that old slut Vatsyayana rocked the Sanskrit and wrote a definitive guidebook on human sexual behavior, The Kama Sutra. Filled with positions and general relationship advice, the book has been in rotation ever since. Over the … Continue reading

JK Rowling’s Plastic Ono Band

JK Rowling, the former street urchin turned successful Author is hitting the ho stroll once again returning to the world of writing. She’s just signed to publish her first adult novel through publisher, Little Brown. The ginger Goddess of spinning … Continue reading

10 Signs your Angry Baby is Gifted.

Fellow Momgyver and guest writer, MisSarcasm shared an article with me that was published on Yahoo Shine. It was called, 10 Signs Your Child May Be Gifted. Fascinating. But I have an Angry Baby, she’s isn’t old enough for me to … Continue reading

In case anyone wants to get me anything for Christmas…

I’m not going to ruin this quiet reflective evening for you, I just want to bring to you a WONDERFUL CNN Article about a book by Adam Mansbach , a book that when released on June 14th, 2011, may replace … Continue reading