Chocolate Covered Twinkies: Hostess To Bring Back Chocodiles

Back in 2012, snack food stalwart Hostess went belly up, and all of their delights temporarily left grocery shelves. Twinkie Crisis ’12 was thoroughly chronicled on this very site. Mercifully, the Hostess brand was purchased and a few months later their iconic treats were … Continue reading

Tasteful Valentine’s Jewelry Perfect For A Class Act Like You

Folks we’re a little over one week away from VD. Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and there’s no better way to guilt your lover into boning you for the first time since Christmas show your love, than by giving your … Continue reading

A Warning to you all…

Ladies and Gentlemen, boy’s and girls, children of all AGES: I come to you with wonderful news this fine day. Yesterday afternoon, Angry Baby began walking. At first it was just a few teetering steps in front of one another in … Continue reading