Gimmie Gimmie, I NEED: That 70’s House

San Antonio, Texas is a town famous for many things including a little something called THE ALAMO.   But other than being home to the place where Davy Crockett hung up his Racoon-Skin hat for good (he died during the … Continue reading

Nana is my DJ

Club-kids, fancy boys, gutter sluts and party skanks, BOW DOWN TO YOUR NEW RULER! Everyone else, grab a can of Ensure, a coupla Metamucil tablets, and join me in embracing old age!!!!!!!! Wika Smytz is a 73-year-old down to party granny who spins records and … Continue reading

Guess What I’m Doing Tomorrow?

Have I told you lately, that I’m swarthy? I’m practically a pirate. If I don’t tweeze, pluck and wax with regular assault campaigns, I look like Mario, from Super Mario Brothers. Because of this, I have tried everything out there … Continue reading