Ronald McDonald Got A Makeover, Y’all

Ah McDonald’s! If they aren’t tempting you with their various fried frankenfood, they most assuredly are creeping you out with their mascot, the red-haired and magnanimous, Ronald McDonald. In 1964, the great Willard Scott first donned the make-up and became … Continue reading

Student Gets Suspended For Calling Texas Out

Texas is my home and I’m quite fond of it. From delicious Tex-Mex, to our generous gun laws, there’s a vast array of things to love about the Lone Star State. However, one thing that does not warm my heart … Continue reading

A Letter To Cribsy From the Holy See (Ya Later)

In my last¬†dispatch, ¬†I wrote about the REAL reason Pope Benedict XVI decided to kick his papacy to the curb. Because the internet is a beautiful thing the Holy See saw his way to write in and dispell all the … Continue reading

I’m a Sucker for Terrible Tattoos

As a life-long hedonist, there are many things in this world that bring me joy and unbridled pleasure. But few things match the happiness that laughing at horrible tattoos gives me. Case in point, I used to live next door … Continue reading