Art at Your Fingertips (Alternate Title: NAILED IT!)

Kayleigh O’Connor is an artist based in the United Kingdom and had a slight problem biting her nails when she was a teenager, so she began wearing fake nails, that was a decade ago.  In the years since, Kayleigh decided … Continue reading

Cheer Up Charlie = THE WORST

Tomorrow night I’m attending “The Ultimate Wonka Party,” at the Alamo Draft House. Lover Fo’ Life and I are big fans of the Candy Man, in our hearts Gene Wilder is THE ONLY WILLY WONKA. In addition to getting to see … Continue reading

London’s Cake Hotel Was Just as Delicious As it Sounds

Remember Hansel and Gretel? The children’s story, not the Movie starring Grumpy Cat AKA Jeremy Renner. Two kids are lured into an evil witch’s clutches by entering her sumptuous, life-size, gingerbread house. Admit it, you’ve fantasized about diving into a non-cannibal hag … Continue reading

Get Your Lick On (Not What it Sounds Like!)

78% of my life is based on the wisdom learned while repeatedly watching the classic 1971 film, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” If you’re a superfan like me, you’ve most likely wished for specific confections to become a reality. Some of … Continue reading

FINALLY!!! For the alcoholic kindergartner in all of us.

Look alive everyone! It’s the dead middle of the afternoon and it’s TUES-the-Extreme day, so no lollygagging. Oh who am I kidding, the “ghetto Big Mac” I had for lunch is making me a ZOMBIE MOMBIE. HAY CRIB KEEPER! WHAT’S A … Continue reading