Introducing CheeseburgerOs (College Students and Children Rejoice!)

When you were a kid the world was divided into two types of people: Chef Boyardee Ravioli lovers and SpaghettiOs enthusiasts. Yes, it was possible to enjoy both varieties of canned child-targeted pasta, but you had a favorite of the two. Me? … Continue reading

Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are Being Sued (Insert Smug Grin)

No, they aren’t being sued for making kale seem glamorous, trafficking tofu or harboring rich a-holes too good for the Sack N Save. Whole foods and Trader Joe’s are being sued for something far more dastardly and exciting. The two biggest sluts … Continue reading

Willie Nelson’s Portrait on Toast is the Coolest Thing SXSW Has Ever Done

Whole Paycheck, er…Whole Foods is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Coincidentally, Austin is currently home to the South By Southwest Music and Film Festival. AKA The biggest reason to avoid traveling to Austin this time of year. Every March, Austin gets a … Continue reading

Coo Coo For Coconut Oil

I have thick, naturally curly hair that for a large portion of my life has been both a blessing, and a tangled, frizzy, curse. You can be sure of one thing, if a product has the words “for curly hair,” I’ve … Continue reading