Pat Sajak’s Give A Crap is Busted Beyond Repair

For years, I’ve been your field guide to the absurd, drunken, nonsense parade that is the interweb. One of my earliest posts, addressed Mr. Pat Sajak, host of television’s Wheel of Fortune. Matter of fact, anytime America’s favorite Keebler Elf makes news, I … Continue reading

Wheel of I Told You So

This post was originally titled: “Wheel of Hate.” It was going to be all about how Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak and Vanna White hate each other culminating in my findings from a special 4 month-long internet quest to find proof that Pat and Vanna wish the … Continue reading

Thank You, Pixar.

Angry Baby is still too little to be into movies. Save her love of Elmo’s World (it’s a segment during Sesame Street, for all you non-parents) and Wheel of Fortune, she’d rather dance to the background music than watch television. I know … Continue reading

Labor Day Salute to Pat Sajak, the Working Man’s Alex Trebek

Happy Labor Day y’all! Today is a day that we celebrate all the hard work that we do as a country by sitting on our duffs. Any way you barbeque it, there’s a whole bunch o’ buns getting sat on … Continue reading