Whataburger Ketchup With a Side of Vanilla Ice

People, yesterday in my world was one for the books. I got two major announcements involving two of my obsessions, Whataburger Ketchup and Vanilla Ice. If you’ve ever been to a Whataburger, you know the ketchup they serve is the greatest … Continue reading

Happy Friday, Enjoy The Cage

Did you know that bikers call motor vehicles that aren’t motorcycles, “Cages?” Well they do. And when you think about it, for people used to being free in the elements, whipping around the roads as they please, it IS a … Continue reading

Okay, Maybe 2012 will rule…

Those of us in Texas (and surrounding fellow Whataburger states,) have something to rejoice and look forward to in the new year… January 2nd, Whataburger, the greatest fast-food chain ever, introduces a new ketchup. SPICY KETCHUP! To those of you … Continue reading