60-Year-Old-Girl Meme is the Newest and Greatest of ALL TIME

Monday night redditor, Beerdrummer, posted an old elementary school photo of his wife with the caption: “My wife looked like a 60 year old woman as a child.” Because the internets can be magic and hilarious when they want to be, … Continue reading

Kids Today Have it All Wrong

  Even though my sense of humor parallels that of a 14-year-old boy, I’m what you might call, “grown.” I have a mortgage, kid, a ball and chain (just kiddin’ wit ya, L4L!) and real responsibilities. Luckily, the booze and sarcasm help me … Continue reading

90’s Muze Cruise (Alternate title: Shut Up And Take My Money, Already)

Carnival is the go-to cruise line for those who love surly senior citizens and 24-Hour hot dog buffets. I’ve personally been on two voyages with the line. Instead of telling you about the horrible time I had on my last Carnival ship, the “S.S. … Continue reading