An Old Fashioned Cliff Hanger

When I started this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website almost 2 years ago, it was mainly a coping skill to deal with the stresses of living with a tiny, furious, despot, Angry Baby. In the time since, grouchymuffin has … Continue reading

The Booze-quet: This Changes Everything!

For thousands of years, stupid flowers have been hogging the affection stage. Anytime there’s an event where love is present: Weddings, dances, holidays, funerals, flowers are sure to be there, stinking up the joint with their lousy petals. Phooey on goody-goody floral … Continue reading

If This Video Doesn’t Make You Smile, You Are a Robot

Weddings are varied things. There’s the super-elaborate, the super-simple and everything in between. Me? I was a simple Simon. Lover fo’ Life and I carted ourselves off to the very same CLASSY VEGAS CHAPEL Ms. Britney Spears crashed for her 58-hour wedding. But … Continue reading