Playgrounds of Terror

Playgrounds are generally places that bring a lot of happiness to children of all ages. Chances are, some of your greatest childhood memories took place while passing the hours on jungle gyms, swings, and the like. But what happens when … Continue reading

No, These Dia De Los Muertos Altars Devoted to Breaking Bad Characters, Aren’t Creepy

By now, all you lazy sluts have had PLENTY of time to finish the Breaking Bad final episode, “Felina.” If you’re behind, that’s your own damn fault and you can just keep reading or cut out now to avoid any spoilers. … Continue reading

I’ve Never Been Happier to be OLD: The 2013 VMAs in a Nutshell

True story, I had planned to get lit up like a Christmas tree and hate-watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Matter of fact, I skipped sneaking my flask into a movie theatre on Saturday afternoon because I was saving … Continue reading