Guy Fieri is Going To Murder Everything You Love, One Bite at a Time

In case you’re still holed up in a fallout shelter stinking drunk off of your extensive liquor reserves, WE SURVIVED the 2012 version of Y2K, the MAYAN APOCALYPSE!!!! Unfortunately, it seems the fates spared humanity’s wretched existence just to destroy all that is … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong

When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong: Wal-Mart So, I went inside a Wal-Mart … No singular statement evokes such an impending doom. I should know better. To tell you the truth, my most recent experience will most likely be my … Continue reading

Extreme Anthem (Pound on My Muffin)

Let me be the first to wish you all a HAPPY TUES-the-EXTREME day! Today is the day of the week we dedicate to LIVING LIFE IN THE EXTREME! Be it through extreme time-wasting, skankery, or surfing on a river of lava. … Continue reading

Guest Host Ghost Post By MAD DAD: Welcome to Thunderdome

  Welcome to Thunderdome There are numerous things I dislike. In the top five is talking to others. This “personality quirk” (or, as my wife calls it, “being an a-hole”) makes self-check out at my local grocery store ideal. I … Continue reading