Grandma Gets Drunk on a School Field Trip in Florida, World Not Surprised

When one hears the word grandparent, images of ol’¬†saints in fluffy sweaters, popping Werther’s and doting on grandchildren, often comes to mind. But you know what doesn’t? A busted and wasted old crone with a mouth like a sailor, terrifying … Continue reading

Cupcakes: You’re Doing It Wrong.

Make a note of today. The date you are reading this post needs to be etched in your memory forever. Until now, each and every one of you have been eating cupcakes incorrectly. Leave it to our friends at I … Continue reading

FINALLY!!! For the alcoholic kindergartner in all of us.

Look alive everyone! It’s the dead middle of the afternoon and it’s TUES-the-Extreme day, so no lollygagging. Oh who am I kidding, the “ghetto¬†Big Mac” I had for lunch is making me a ZOMBIE MOMBIE. HAY CRIB KEEPER! WHAT’S A … Continue reading