8th Graders Lied to By Teachers, Hilarious Tears Follow

Teachers are the WORST when it comes to havin’ fun. For the most part,¬†they’re are a total buzzkill. All that lecturing and those smarty pants assignments, who do they think they are, the sculptors of future humanity, or something!? But … Continue reading

Thanks a Lot, Disney (Alternate Title: Extreme Evil)

I wish I had a more positive note to begin this Tues-the-Extreme Day on. Afterall, today is the day of the week we devote to doing things in the extreme! As our patron saint, Vanilla Ice would say, what I’ve … Continue reading

Extremely Awesome! alternate title: Take Down all that crap at the Louvre, HERE’S ART!

There are few things you must know about me, a tiny list of MUST KNOWS, that without knowing, you would completely miss who I am as a PERSON. TO MY CORE. I am a Villain. On the playground of life, … Continue reading