On this very special TUES-the-Extreme day…

Let me be the first to wish you a happy TUES-the-EXTREME day! Usually, this is the day that we devote to livin’ the EXTREME LIFE and celebrate the man who invented rap, the sultan of swagger, VANILLA ICE, ICE BABY! Sorry Mr. Ice, … Continue reading

Tues-the-Extreme Day, Comin’ Attcha!

Tuesday means one thing: TUES-the-EXTREME day! Today is the day we take it to the EXTREME!!!!!  I’ve got some goodies for you, EXTREME goodies. To kick things off, here’s a mash-up of Queen’s Under Pressure  and Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice … Continue reading

Happy Tues-the Extreme Day!

It’s as hot as Vanilla Ice’s career in 1991, and it’s not even NOON yet! We’re gonna have to DIG DEEP to get through this  SCORCHING Tues-the-EXTREME day! I’m spending the day with some of my gurlz, so I’ll be here for … Continue reading