Whataburger Ketchup With a Side of Vanilla Ice

People, yesterday in my world was one for the books. I got two major announcements involving two of my obsessions, Whataburger Ketchup and Vanilla Ice. If you’ve ever been to a Whataburger, you know the ketchup they serve is the greatest … Continue reading

Tis the Season for Vanilla Ice

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, friends. Today is the day each week we celebrate living life in the extreme. It doesn’t matter what you do, be it hoarding or whoring, as long as you go all out. EXTREME! This fine day I … Continue reading

Art Attack on a Plate! Alternate Title: Extreme Lunch!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my darlings! Yesterday I closed on the house, and this afternoon Angry Baby and I will take our first dip in our NEW POOL! I’m extremely excited and am beaming like a big ol’ ball of sunshine. … Continue reading

Extremely Precious:15 Minute Old Baby Gives Dad the Finger

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, my beautiful babies! Today we delve into the realm of the EXTREME. Me? I’m celebrating our weekly holiday by being EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE. Between helping Lover fo Life pack for his trip to Brazil (I take him to … Continue reading

I’m In Love (Alternate Title: Extreme Singing!)

I awoke this morning with a ray of sunshine beaming on me. The source of the bright and miraculous light came from my inbox, with a note from reader Rick that said: “This guy was born to be on grouchymuffin.” I … Continue reading

Post on Request: A Baby Rap Primer.

Reader Tori won our latest Caption This contest, as with all cycles of the contest, the prize is simple…she was allowed to request ANY topic that I would write about in a prize Post on Request. This morning, she wrote … Continue reading

Extreme Stream

Happy TUES-THE-EXTREME Day errbody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the day of the week you and I make a concerted effort to live life in the EXTREME! Be it wearing a bikini in the freezing cold, eating a 5 pound burrito all by yourself … Continue reading

Tron Guy is gonna make you smile on this Tues-the-Extreme Day!

If you are unaware of Jay Maynard, all you need to know is he is the “Tron Guy.” Here’s Jay explaining himself in his own words. (Um WTF was he talking about with the 3-D figures floating in space, and internet neutrality? … Continue reading

Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit as performed by Dueling Cellos

Let’s start our day with a little culture! 2 Cellos is a duo of cello-playing dudes who will RAWK your face off. Pretty sweet, huh? Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, Errbody! Now, go out there and GET IT GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -The Crib Keeper … Continue reading