Tasteful Valentine’s Jewelry Perfect For A Class Act Like You

Folks we’re a little over one week away from VD. Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and there’s no better way to guilt your lover into boning you for the first time since Christmas show your love, than by giving your … Continue reading

How are YOU Self-Medicating Today?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Listen, I’m aware that tons of people eye-roll at mere mention of Feb. 14th, and I can’t say you’re not on to something. Regardless of what your romantic/ bedroom situation looks like at the moment, there’s one … Continue reading

The Booze-quet: This Changes Everything!

For thousands of years, stupid flowers have been hogging the¬†affection stage. Anytime there’s an event where love is present: Weddings, dances, holidays, funerals, flowers are sure to be there, stinking up the joint with their lousy petals. Phooey¬†on goody-goody floral … Continue reading