I Can’t Quit You, Baby.

For over a year, I’ve thrown my musings about babywrangling all over this here internet. Oh sure, our website is mainly devoted to binge drinking and sleazy winks, but I’ve consistently kept you updated on my very furious and demanding daughter, Angry Baby. … Continue reading

Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity (A Post By Mad Dad)

  Mad Dad Feels His Age: An Exercise in Serenity I visited some friends recently. Their names are James and Lorena. I went to high school with them and, as the joke goes, we “weren’t really friends” (the joke being, … Continue reading

Invasion of the Alien Cannibal Killer Shrimp

Coming soon, to a gulf near you it’s the Alien Cannibal Killer GIANT Shrimp! The Asian Tiger Shrimp AKA star of my culinary fantasies, are INVADING the US!!! Fishermen and Shrimpers are pulling them out of the gulf of Mexico at an alarming … Continue reading

Post On Request: Vacation Dad

I love Walt Disney World. I’ve visited the Resort (because diehards like me refuse to call it a THEME PARK) numerous times. Many would call it an obsessive amount, but not me…I can’t wait to rack up more trips.  Maybe … Continue reading

Post On Request: Disinterest

Mansfield Counseling won our latest round of caption this, his request was simple. “What do you think about Pinterest?” Post On Request: Disinterest Over a year ago, a girlfriend of mine start emailing me random dispatches from something called “Pinterest.” … Continue reading

Hug A Machine, Get Free Coke (The Jokes Write Themselves)

You’ll have to forgive me for my late post today, I was out saving the world. Well, maybe that’s a little overkill. The best part about being a writer is I work from home. Not only do I get to … Continue reading

The Tall Tale of the Phantom Ice Cream (A Post by Mad Dad)

The Tall Tale of the Phantom Ice Cream Our friends Blake and Misty have two children: Brinley is their five-year-old daughter and Brayden is their four-year-old son. I’ve personally spent and inordinate amount of time with Brayden. Our families scrunched … Continue reading

Things That Make My Morning: Simply Stunning!

For the last 8 years, Smithsonian Magazine has held a contest for the best reader taken photographs around the world. This is the 9th year of the contest and here are just some of the AMAZING finalists. The best part? … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Texas!

The Republic of Texas was born today 176 years ago, and we’re celebrating at grouchymuffin headquarters! For everyone outside of Texas, March 2, 1836 is the day we declared our independence from Mexico with the Texas Declaration of Independence. As … Continue reading