Vacation Dad Rides Again

Exactly 3 Days from today, Lover Fo’ Life, our nutty 5.5 year old, and my Dad, the ultimate Disney Planning Admiral, are leaving on a jet plane for Walt Disney World. WDW is an entire “world” built on a Florida swamp … Continue reading

More Plot Twists Than Dynasty

Shimmy into your finest evening gown, or put on a Botany 500 Suit and meet me on the terrace for elaborately choreographed cat brawls and classy slapfights. I’m back with some juicy new developments that are sure to spawn hours of content and … Continue reading

A Chilling Confession (Alternate Title: Here’s Something Terrible I Do.)

  I’m going to disclose something very horrible that I’m not proud of, but I suspect I’m not the only one guilty of doing this. When someone I know is on a vacation that I find myself envious of, I … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: A Cynic’s View of Sea World

   A Cynic’s View of Sea World I’m pretty sure that uneasy feeling I got started when I saw a majestic, white-as-the-driven-snow beluga whale being ridden by a trainer. That beast of the sea tamed and emasculated ridden like a … Continue reading

Happy Schoolin’ Texas!

Today is the day that MOST Texas schools are BACK IN SESSION. Parents are weeping, tears of joy and sobs of “Where did the time go!?” Me? I’m bummed the traffic will be kicking back up, but I’m also filled with glee. You see, … Continue reading

This Should End Well…

Clive Palmer is a nutjob, but he’s a paid nutjob. Mr. Palmer is worth billions. In addition to being the world’s sexiest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon, you may remember Clive from the news earlier this year when he announced that he’s currently building … Continue reading

Post On Request: My Favorite Disney Attraction

Uncle Fester almost made me spit out my Yoo-Hoo with his winning caption in last week’s caption this contest. His prize, as it is for every winner each week, was a post on request. The topic Fester gave me was … Continue reading

Thanks a Lot, Disney (Alternate Title: Extreme Evil)

I wish I had a more positive note to begin this Tues-the-Extreme Day on. Afterall, today is the day of the week we devote to doing things in the extreme! As our patron saint, Vanilla Ice would say, what I’ve … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Holiday Road

Holiday Road Summertime is when families cram into the minivan, SUV, midsize or – clutch the pearls – station wagon for the ultimate survival of will, the road trip vacation. I’m an expert. My childhood was littered with driving trips … Continue reading

Righting A Serious Wrong

Karen Huff Klein is a 69-year-old widow who works as a bus monitor in a New York suburb called, Greece, for a yearly salary of $15,000. Karen can’t afford to retire, as a widowed senior citizen she relies on her paycheck. … Continue reading