The Most Delicious Domestic Dispute, Ever

The Great White North, Canada is starting to emerge as the hilarious drunk cousin to our Florida. Last month I wrote about a group of Canadian Teachers who duped a bunch of 8th graders into thinking they were getting to … Continue reading

Go To Health, Chocolate!

You know how for years your health-nut Aunt has been insisting that dark chocolate is actually good for you in moderation? You just thought she was trying to snooker you into going on a fitness jag. Turns out, the skinny old hag was right … Continue reading

Ghost Host Guest Post by Movie Dude: Lee Greenwood…the Music Video

  So I was reading the Crib Keeper’s post on Mr. Greenwood yesterday and I decided to saunter over to youtube and see if there was actually a video made.  I don’t mean a slideshow of your sunburned family with … Continue reading