Forget Twinkies, These Will Keep You Non-Disgusting

Today is a special day for America, the Hostess Twinkie officially returned to stores all around the country. While many of you no doubt are swimming in a sea of whipped corn syrup and oil (AKA Twinkie cream,) the healthy sluts … Continue reading

I’m Not Yanking Your Ding Dongs, Twinkies Return to the Shelves July 15th!!!!

November 16. 2012 the Hostess snack company went officially belly up and a delicious, cream-filled, spongy piece of America died. Twinkie the Kid and his tramp friends, Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs packed up their hobo sticks and hit the rails. Luckily, back in March … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Snack On, Twinkies are Coming Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year was a dark time for snack cakes. Hostess, the go to brand for shame-eaters and drunks, went belly up. Twinkie the Kid, King Ding Dong and crew were tossed out into the cold made to sell their cream-filled … Continue reading

That Slut Little Debbie is Licking Her Greedy Chops

Once upon a time, January of this year to be exact, a devastatingly beautiful and hilarious writer wrote a frantic plea for an American Icon, Hostess Brand Snack cakes . In her genius piece, the writer begged readers to buy every … Continue reading

Here Comes Our Caption This Winners!

“Who does that Ho Ho think she is wearing white?!?”- A-Ball   Runner Up: “Six months later, Twinkie the Kid was born.” – Mad Dad Congrats to our winners, A-Ball: YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! Send me your topic and … Continue reading

EXTREME CRISIS! Alternate title: CONSUME TWINKIES, you Ding Dongs!

I wish I had a better note to start off your Tues-the-Extreme Day on, but there’s a business and financial crisis that we must devote our entire focus and energy on fixing. Hostess, the snack cake brand that houses hilariously … Continue reading

Paula Deen is so skrewed (in Denmark.)

It’s official, I’m never going to Denmark. The country who has given us legendary hot chicks such as Brigitte Nielsen (the original Red Sonia,) and Helena Christensen, filmmaker Lars Von Trier and a 1/2 of Viggo Mortensen, and home to the … Continue reading

Rant: I’m extremely sick of…

“Bucket Lists” I wish they’d never made that horrible movie, the Bucket List. Look, I know your memaw and the Morgan Freeman enthusiasts of the world, are gonna throw hate at me for throwing hate on the movie, but it’s guilty of … Continue reading