Beverly Hills Teens, a Primer (My Apologies to L4L)

Dear L4L, Hey there pretty baby. You and I were just chatting on our cellular telephones to one another, and I told you I was going to write about the Most Hilarious Bank Teller in the WORLD. Well, after our conversation … Continue reading

Sunny Day

It’s September 24th. I’ve roughly been looking forward to this morning for 2.5 months. What’s the occasion? Simple. Today is the premiere of the new season of Sesame Street. For those without kids, AKA people who enjoy uninterrupted sleep and a … Continue reading

Righting A Serious Wrong

Karen Huff Klein is a 69-year-old widow who works as a bus monitor in a New York suburb called, Greece, for a yearly salary of $15,000. Karen can’t afford to retire, as a widowed senior citizen she relies on her paycheck. … Continue reading

The Things I Endure For You: Adam Lambert Edition

Reader Eric requested a review of the newly released video for Adam Lambert’s single, “Never Close Our Eyes,” and seeing as I’ll do just about anything you needy hookers want, I decided to oblige. In order to understand the rest … Continue reading

Check Out These Hose (Not What it Sounds Like!)

One of the greatest things about being a man is, men aren’t forced to wear pantyhose in a business professional environment. Before I was able to con the universe into letting me be a writer, yours truly was a successful business … Continue reading