Justin Bieber = Hero (Alternate title: This Is How We Do It)

  Well kiddies, make a note of the date and mark it as a red letter day on your calendars, because as you can already surmise by my click-bait title, JUSTIN BIEBER HAS FINALLY DONE THE WORLD A SOLID! This past … Continue reading

Sassy Greeting Cards Just In Time For Father’s Day!

June is just around the corner. Half of the year has gone, and what have you accomplished? My guess is diddly squat. Admit it, you’ve been farting around daydreaming about rock n roll jumpsuits and eating inordinate amounts of cheese. … Continue reading

The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: LIVE FROM NEW YORK!

Justin Timberlake is many things to our humble Timberlake Appreciation Society, the FIRST internet society devoted to proving that Justin Timberlake is worthy of adoration. He’s a fashion Icon.   A musical virtuoso, with sexy lady-falsetto. Terrible at making wife choices. Always … Continue reading