You don’t have bigger chops than this HOSS!

Friday, a new heroine was birthed. This woman is someone we all need to take a knee and learn a lesson from . Meet Ani Haas. Ani Haas is a former member of the American Ski team and an avid outdoorsman. Being … Continue reading

This is just plain foolery.

I’m finally here to say HELLLLLLLLLO! This morning, Lover Fo’ Life is home sick and I’m in full nurse mode. Side Note: Nurses are MAGIC! They save lives everyday and don’t get near the credit they deserve. Anywho, sorry I’m late but that’s … Continue reading

Not quite, Kathy Hilton. Not quite.

I’ve decided today is just too fabulous to be a Monday! Angry Baby is feeling better, still teething, but much happier, my DAYQUIL has kicked in, I had some leftover DONUTS for breakfast, and KATHY HILTON was on the TODAY SHOW!!!!! For those … Continue reading

Just call her Angel of the Morning, babies.

Some days you’re the gum. Other days you’re the shoe. Anyway you look at it, we’re chewed! (Crowd starts spitting wads of gum at stage.) Thank the HEAVENS my ANGEL OF THE MORNING, Kathie Lee Gifford is shilling her new CHILDREN’S … Continue reading

MAKE YOUR OWN NUTTER BUTTERS! (You’re Welcome for real.)

Thomas Keller is a cooking wiz that foodie types know all about (Anthony Bourdain enthusiasts know him as the man who made Tony his greatest meal.) This morning he was on Today slinging for his new Bakery, Bouchon (French for “some good … Continue reading