App Finally Makes Selfies Worthwhile (And Hilarious)

  Earlier this year an app called, “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls,” hit the market, and it’s probably the best app ever conceived. For starters, its name is a quote from Titanic, which after all these years, still provides … Continue reading

Seize the Death

Death waits for you, and that’s final. How’s that for an opening line, pretty bleak, huh? I never really considered or cared about my mortality until Angry Baby came into the picture. Yeah, I knew Death and Taxes were certain, … Continue reading

$60,000 buys a lot of Celine Dion Concert Tickets

Rich nutjobs and ostentatious Leonardo Di Caprio enthusiasts, take a moment to read the following…everyone else, keep reading, but engage eye-rolling sequences NOW. 2012 is going to be a great year for vacationing to historic maritime disasters. I say this because … Continue reading