Introducing The BK Rib, Burger King’s Version of The McRib (Kill it With Fire)

Say there pretty babies, have you sometimes found yourself wishing you had more than one fast food offered seasonal pig snout and yoga mat sandwich? Forgive me, let me restate the question. Ever hoped there were MORE McRIBS in this world? Yeah, me neither. … Continue reading

Terrible News for the None of You Who Eat McRibs

Satan Claus is laughing his jingle bells off today as humanity was dealt a massive blow. According to a leaked McDonald’s corporate email, the McRib will not be coming back this Fall. Instead, the fat cats at Mickey D’s are boggarting … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, My Dearest Readers!!

A year ago, Osama Bin Laden died and a website was born. As of today, May 2nd, 2012 grouchymuffin is one year old. What started as a simple way to work out Postpartum depression and vent about life with an Angry … Continue reading

The Terrifying McRib

The McRib is back, and to those of you who are regular readers know each year when the McDonald’s sandwich comes, so does an on-going game I and several others play aka McRibbing. Yesterday I was McRibbed so well it … Continue reading

Let the McRibbing Begin!

I have documented the personal connection Lover fo’ Life and I have with the  McRib Sandwich. See post: Straight From the Vault Those of you who have read the piece, or personally know me, know it is the start of my … Continue reading

Something Straight from the Vault (aka: my heart.)

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!!! In honor of his day, I thought I would give an extra shout out to my Lover fo’ Life. We’re back from riding the gun ranges and he is taking a luxurious 2 hour nap, courtesy of yours truly. Angry … Continue reading