Bolton to Love You (Alternate Title: Happy VD, Y’all!)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers! Just in case Hallmark’s secretly implanted microchip hasn’t yet involuntarily propelled your body to the nearest greeting card aisle, TODAY IS EXPENSIVE CARD AND WAXY CHOCOLATE DAY! Of course, I realize that a number of you are: single, … Continue reading

Baby Sloth Eating Breakfast Will Make You Forget Your Miserable Existence

You know the crappiest thing about the end of a glorious holiday weekend? RIGHT NOW. Mondays after an extended break are THE WORST! This particular Monday decided to enter my life with no lube bright and early when the battery in my earth … Continue reading

Shark Week 2011 aka THE GREATEST WEEK EVER.

For over 20 years, Shark Week has been rocking our faces off with incredible footage, awesome tales and killer voiceovers. SHARK WEEK IS THE GREATEST EVENT ON TELEVISION. Every year. Shark Week 2011 kicks off July 31st. I’m chompin’ at … Continue reading