Scooby Doo Meets Horror’s Most Famous Psychopaths

Artist Travis Falligant aka IBTrav is a pop culture connoisseur with an incredible talent for recreating greatness. His works range from 80’s and early 90’s triumphs:   To current cuties:     One of his more recent projects involved the familiar … Continue reading

Thank You For Being A Friend: Artist Draws Bea Arthur Every Day For a Year

  If you aren’t a fan of The Golden Girls, GTFO. The #1 reason that I love the classic 1980’s sitcom is Bea Arthur’s portrayal of Dorothy Zbornak, AKA a masterclass in sarcasm. Whether you’re a smartass with a flair for zingers, or merely … Continue reading

America’s Top Google Searches By State (The Jokes Write Themselves)

Ah America! If we’re not watching cat videos on YouTube or “researching” cake farts, chances are most Americans use Google search as their internet spirit guide. The good folks at Estately decided to break down the top Google searches for … Continue reading