These Cray-Cray Crayon Sculptures are Incredible

Artist Hoang Tran is a talented and incredible sculptor whose preferred medium is the humble crayon. But homedude isn’t drawing with these babies, he’s sculpting them into tiny figures from pop culture. Because the only thing that’s missing from your glorious … Continue reading

The $235.00 Blog Post

Lover fo’ Life and I are not much for going out to nice restaurants. Since her arrival 16 months ago,  Angry Baby has peppered ALL meals out with her own special blend of spice outbursts. Every few months however, we … Continue reading

Ghost Host Guest Post by Movie Dude: The Green Hornet, I need a can of RAID

I recently had a chance to watch the Green Hornet for the first time.  I’m not sure I’d call myself a Seth Rogen fan but I do find his delivery to be kinda funny.  What I’m more a fan of are … Continue reading