Precious Re-Imagined Movie Posters

Olaf Cuadras has a knack for digital design. His cartoon-like minimalist style has been sought out for posters by multiple musical acts like Bon Iver, Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie, and a metric ton of other bands that the cashier … Continue reading

BFF: Adorable Art Featuring Pop Culture Besties!

Artist Dave Collinson hails from Brisbane and has quite the knack for creating art based on Popular Culture. Here’s his glamorous take on Captain America… For several months, Dave has been working on a series documenting the greatest buddies in … Continue reading

These Cray-Cray Crayon Sculptures are Incredible

Artist Hoang Tran is a talented and incredible sculptor whose preferred medium is the humble crayon. But homedude isn’t drawing with these babies, he’s sculpting them into tiny figures from pop culture. Because the only thing that’s missing from your glorious … Continue reading

Post on Request: Jeff Bridges, A Celebration

Reader Dan won our latest round of caption this, and as with every winner each week, he got to name a topic of his choice, that I would then write and entire post around. Here’s what he sent me… “Jeff … Continue reading