Toy Rave: Goldie Blox

Yesterday, I set the internets on fire with my hate-filled diatribe against Crayola’s Color Wonder Fingerpaints. I figured today I would talk about a GREAT toy, since that wheezy old queen Santa Claus just loves to keep score this time … Continue reading

White Castle is Selling Booze.(Jokes write themselves.)

Christmas came early for the world,  the culinary pantheon of class and distinction, White Castle, is considering selling booze with their burgers. Matter of fact they are testing it out in a little town called Lafayette, Indiana. White Castle is looking to … Continue reading

Extreme Stupidity!!!!!!!

Stockbroker Martin Kessman (pictured above) has a problem. He can’t fit in the booths at White Castle. To combat this horrible injustice, the 290 lb. hero bellied up to the suing people counter and ordered a White Castle Lawsuit. What I’m trying to … Continue reading