Diane Sawyer is My Homegirl

Election night, I was instructed by a friend to watch ABC’s coverage, her directive was simple: “Turn to ABC, Diane Sawyer is drunk as a skunk.” I obliged and am SO glad I did! America was treated to the sassy and sizzlin’ … Continue reading

Signs Of The Endtimes: Guy Fieri and Smashmouth Collaborate

Do you remember that band from the late 90’s/ Early 00’s, who had the fat “party dude” lead singer? I’m sorry, I’ll be more specific… ‘Memba, Smashmouth? Liars. Of course you do. I mean who here will ever be able to scour … Continue reading

Workin’ It.

One week from today Lover fo’ Life leaves for a 2, possibly 3 week business trip to Brazil. Exactly 10 days from now, I’ll be sitting in a Title Company conference room signing away our lives as I close on our house. … Continue reading