Conan Becomes a Texas Deputy, Hilarity Hits Illegal Levels

All week Conan O’Brien has been broadcasting his show from Dallas. The pasty folk hero has been enjoying our fair state, this week he’s taken a “Texas Citizenship Test” from Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, and become a Mary Kay Consultant … Continue reading


Lupe Tortilla is an extremely popular chain of Tex-Mex restaurants throughout the greater Houston area (with a few upstart locations in the Texas Hill Country.) The restaurants are always crowded, and the ambiance is nil, just like a good “hole … Continue reading

The Gauntlet

Well hello there my dearest readers! I see you there, toiling away the day after Christmas. While a bunch of lucky jerks get to laze about in fresh fuzzy bathrobes playing with their new gizmos and stuffing their faces with sugary … Continue reading

TLC is Developing a Reality Show Called: “Best Funeral Ever” (Of Course They Are)

A long time ago, the government created a television station aimed at educating citizens, Uncle Sam aptly named it, “The Learning Channel.” For years it offered the mild, classroom-ready programming one would expect from a Learning Channel. Then it became … Continue reading

America’s Drunkest Cities Alternate title: There’s no place like home!

Being as it’s the end of the year, the world is rife with lists and party planning. It only makes sense that someone would combine the two. The Daily Beast has released their 2nd annual “America’s Drunkest Cities” List!  I’m … Continue reading

Post on Request: Oh sweet Jeebus, he requested “Sports.”

  Well, I’m back from my journey on the bullet train to heck, AKA all day on the road with Angry Baby, and while I’ll soon regale my tale of torture and terror, I owe a certain CAPTION THIS CONTEST … Continue reading

Today is Pee Wee Herman’s Birthday!!!!!

Today is the birthday of the great entertainer Paul Rubens, who you no doubt know as PEE WEE HERMAN! Pee wee is a childhood hero of mine, and last summer I got to fully realize a dream when I saw him … Continue reading