TEEF TERROR 2011: This calls for a Hot Dog.

Peace out, Screaming Baby…We’re taking this SCREAMING TEETHING FREAKSHOW on the road. Mother needs a hotdog. I may not have In-N-Out Burger, but I do have a Sonic near (sorry Gregs!) Anyscreamingbabies, they have been bombarding me with commercials for … Continue reading

LEGO my Sanity…TEEF TERROR 2011 DAY 1

There isn’t enough I can say about how awesome LEGOS are. Sure, If you are a parent with LEGO-aged children, they are little bits of death to the soles of your barefeet on a saturday afternoon (at least that’s what they … Continue reading

Eureeka! We’re Skrewed.

Yesterday evening I was pretty much ready to runaway from home. Not “Lifetime Movie runaway”, but “kids on a sit-com runaway.” I’d pack my hobo stick, hitch my thumbs into my overalls and say, “So long.” I’d wander the neighborhood … Continue reading