You Big Tease.

Howdy kiddies, Happy Monday! (BOOOOO!) I don’t feel like doin’ sh*t today. Unfortunately, in my advancing age I have acquired something of a “heart,” and felt bad about YOU. I just can’t get you hard-working hussies out of my mind, … Continue reading

Bad News and Sad News

Greetings Friday revelers, I’m in the midst of lugging, hauling and moving all of my belongings into our new house. Yours truly is covered in an inch of dirt and is beginning to smell like a men’s locker room. I ‘ve got quite a harrowing tale of … Continue reading

Pretty in Pinot + A POST ON REQUEST= Sweet Relief!

Today we have a sweet treat for you! Nic, a reader and past recipient of the coveted, “Tip o’ the Stetson,” sent a recipe in and suggested we try it for all you hard workin’ lady’s out there. The suggested recipe looked delicious and PERFECT for … Continue reading