Toy Rant: Color Wonder Fingerpaints

Being a parent means doing a lot of gross stuff you don’t want to do. From pretending to be a decent person, and cleaning up gummy grime off of every surface she comes in contact with, to having a personal … Continue reading

The Wine Purse (Alternate Title: LUG-A-Chug!)

  Don’t you just hate that you can’t take a big jug of hooch into the places you need it most? Nursing homes, parent/teacher conferences, committee meetings, hospitals, Wal-Mart and kid recitals all frown upon sippin’ the good stuff while on their premises. Up until now, loveable … Continue reading

Candy Corn Oreos: GET IN MAH MAWF!

Well, well, well, here’s something to make your Monday! Today is September 10th. Why is this of any significance to you? Because starting today through Halloween, Oreo is selling a limited edition cookie ONLY available at Target stores. Say hello … Continue reading

Enjoy the weekend, School starts on Monday.

I have to admit, I never usually watch commercials. I skip through each and every word from all sponsors. The only time I catch them is by accident. That being said: Target has some hilarious back to school commercials, I … Continue reading

This is exactly what happens in my mind everytime I shop at Target.

Look, I don’t need you to go off on a spiel about how flash mobs are the new glee (AKA over.) Your ol’ Pal the Crib Keeper LURVES watching flash mobs. Matter of fact, is home of the “Meat Up,” aka scheduled burger flash … Continue reading