The Following Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Believe it or not, even budding super villains tear up sometimes. This morning, I was reduced to a lip-quivering, snot bustin,’ blubbering, gold-heart after watching the following video. YouTube User MidwestCurrans explains it all in the video’s description: “Matt has Spastic CP, … Continue reading

If this doesn’t melt your heart, you are a robot.

Jorge and Alexa Narvaez are a father-daughter duo they did a cover of Adele’s amazing “Rollin’ in the deep,” and it’s adorable.   Look, I’m going to let it slide that Papa Bear sounds like a castrati…he’s spending quality time … Continue reading

This is my Hamlet moment.

Just when you think this pantheon of manly moustachery couldn’t get any classier, I decide to go all Shakespeare on you. Just like in Hamlet, what some consider the greatest play ever written, SPOILER ALERT: I don’t agree, had a play … Continue reading