Post By Mad Dad: Meat is Murder: A Guide to Desire

Meat is murder: A guide to desire Nearly two years ago I made a relatively significant decision in my life: I’d no longer be partaking in any red meat or pork. It was a continuation of these random “New Year’s … Continue reading

The Great Smashburger Meat Up

Do you know what I’m doing tomorrow? I’m meating some dear friends for Smashburgers. This isn’t just my usual lunch with friends. You see, these wonderful people don’t have a Smashburger anywhere near them. They were so annoyed inspired by my incessant raving about Smashburger (to … Continue reading

Happy father’s day: TEXAS STYLE! aka GOD, BEEF, and GUNS

Crib Keeper and family actually pictured. Side note about the outfit I was wearing: it was purple and had glitter hearts (hard to see in pic) on the shirt. This outfit was MY JAM! I wore the hail outta this the … Continue reading

Another Smashing Success! (Well, except for the EXTREME JERKS)

Baby Sis LURVED the Smashburger, and I FINALLY was able to right the wrong of my Sunday Smashburger snub. My burger was delicious, it’s like they knew I wrote wonderful things about them yesterday. Because my Smashburger was off the charts delicious. Oh, wait…THAT’S … Continue reading

Rant: I can’t do this anymore…

My baby doctor and I share a love of movies and good burgers, and a mutual love for the movie, “Goodburger!” Last fall, he introduced me to my current favorite burger out there, the SmashBurger. Over the course of our friendship we’ve … Continue reading